Saturday, 13 February 2016

Problem Statements
Statement 1 : What are the most common bridge designs The most common bridge designs comprise of the truss, arch, cantilever, beam,cable-stayed and suspension.
Statement 2 : Which design would be most suitable for the making the bridge with the materials we were provided? We managed to find a project very similar to ours and in turn out that they had used the Truss bridge design.Hence we decided to adopt that idea for our bridge.
Statement 3 : What are the different Truss designs?
Warren truss: It makes use of equilateral triangles to spread out the loads on the bridge. Equilateral triangles are used because they narrow down the forces to only tension and compression. However, when the load is concentrated on the middle of the bridge, the magnitude of the forces become larger.
Fig 1. This is a prototype of a typical warren truss bridge design

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